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Save Money, Time & Effort With an IT Support Contract

One of the major benefits of an IT Support contract over the ‘Pay as you Go’ approach is that it facilitates prevention, meaning a cure is required less often.

Just like a car, servers and computers need regular maintenance in order to keep them functioning correctly, so as part of your support contract you should expect to see a dramatic improvement in the reliability and performance of your IT systems, as well as having help at hand if things do go wrong.

If you do have IT problems, you have the added security of knowing that advice, remote assistance and if necessary an engineer’s visit, are just a phone call away – 24/7.

By taking out an IT support contract with Froya, you will:

Save Time

Contract IT Support from Froya means more time for you. A direct line to our engineers means less time is wasted stuck on hold to call centres. All our contract clients benefit from a staggering 97% first time fix rate for all support calls to our engineers. This means less time spent on the phone to us and more time to concentrate on your business.

Save Money

Contract IT support with Froya means excellent value for money. All our prices are individual to each client which means that you never waste money on services that you don’t need. You’ll experience all the benefits of having your own IT department but without the massive overheads of staff, training, equipment, holiday/sick pay, HR etc. Your business will also be protected against loss of revenue due to system outages as the risk of such an event taking place is virtually eliminated.

Save Frustration

The service does not stop at technical support. We are also able to offer expert advice on upgrades and improvements to your system as well as being able to supply equipment at very competitive prices.

Reduce Effort

Contract IT support with Froya means less hassle for you.  Our pro-active, pre-emptive maintenance means that we continuously monitor your network and carry out regular checks and updates to your systems. This ensures the highest levels of reliability with many problems being prevented before they even happen.

Create a More Efficient Business

Contract IT support with Froya means your business can run more efficiently. Our remote monitoring service means that problems can be identified and circumvented before they can do major damage. Planned maintenance is always scheduled out of hours, which means that there is no interference to the normal working day.  Budgeting efficiency is also improved as IT spend can be planned more accurately. Sudden major expenditure due to unforeseen critical problems are largely eliminated

IT Support With No Commitment

Not all companies are large enough to need the total security of IT support on a contract basis. If you need help with any kind of IT problem then Froya can help you on a pay as you go basis. All our costs are detailed up front and we are used to helping clients with all levels of IT experience which means that you never feel stupid or patronised with advice that is too complex or too simple.

By using Froya Pay-As-You-Go, you will benefit from:
  • Help with your IT problems without committing to a contract.
  • Pay for work on a one-off basis.
  • Flexibility – no minimum contract.
  • Help with one-off installations.
  • Try us out with a small IT problem to help your support contract decision.
  • Upgrade to a contract at any time.
  • Save time by using experts to solve your problem quickly.
  • No pressure to sign up to contract.
  • Never feel awkward talking to us, we can help you no matter what your level of experience.
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