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Froya Limited – Effective and Ethical IT Support for Small to Medium Enterprises

Here at Froya we have always enjoyed being ‘different’ from other IT providers, from our choice of name, to our approach to customer service

We have been supporting our customers for over 20 years and from the start we always endeavoured to build long term relationships with our clients by providing honest advice, going ‘the extra mile’ and, perhaps most importantly ‘doing what we say we will’!

As testimony to this our very first customers are still trusting us to look after everything IT 2 decades later.

So what else makes us different?

  • We don’t employ sales people!

We focus on service, not sales and believe our engineers are in the best position to draw on their extensive industry experience to advise both existing and prospective customers. They do so based on what the customer needs, NOT what they need to sell. They receive no sales incentives or commission and instead, due to engaging with customers on honest terms, they benefit from working in a company interested less in profiteering but in stability and quality for staff and customers alike.

  • No ticketing or queuing, speak directly to an engineer

From our own experience we recognise how frustrating and costly it is when you have a problem and call for help, only to be left waiting for hours or even days, losing time, money and patience. All support requests are answered by our engineers, usually straight away! They will then endeavour to deal with your request personally, no bouncing around between departments.

  • Preventative, not just reactive

Constant calls to your IT company and extensive accumulating support hours can provide the illusion of receiving value for money, but wouldn’t it be better if many of the issues were prevented from occurring saving time and inevitably money? We successfully reduce problems and downtime by monitoring our customers systems in real time and by carrying out preventative maintenance on such as checking error logs, managing memory and diskspace levels and installing the latest patches and fixes.

  • Commercial yet Ethical

 We see no reason why commercial entities cannot operate whilst also considering the wellbeing of staff, communities and the environment. In our own premises we started by providing our own employees a comfortable, relaxed and flexible working environment . We choose green energy companies for our own supply, use energy saving lighting and heating where possible and promote the use of low energy PC’s and servers. We also help organise the recycling of redundant equipment for our customers to reduce their environmental impact. To ensure our skills benefit the wider community we offer special rates and discounts to Charities and Not For Profit organisations, often donating our time, hardware and software to help them operate more effectively.

Who have we helped?

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