Co-operative IT Support

Companies that already have IT staff are often unaware of why they would ever need to choose an IT support company.

However, having a dedicated IT support provider to call on when your own IT staff are unavailable should be a key consideration for all business owners and managers.

IT staff take time off, they may call in sick, they may be only contracted to work till 5pm, they may be based in another part of the country to a regional office, or they may be overwhelmed by a major business critical IT problem. Froya can work alongside your IT staff to complement their work and shoulder some of the responsibility. By using Froya to complement your IT staff, you will benefit from:

Never worry about an IT problem when your IT staff are on holiday

If your IT staff are planning time off, employing reliable holiday cover for them can be time consuming and expensive. Could you afford the time and expense of advertising, filtering enquiries,  interviewing and training stand-in IT staff just for 2 weeks holiday cover?

The fact that Froya already have a team of reliable and highly trained engineers available on a temporary contract basis means that you save time, cash and hassle by not having to search for reliable holiday cover for your IT staff.

Enjoy all the benefits of a locally based IT department for your North West Office

If you have a company with a local ‘satellite’ office in the North West, an IT department based at head office can’t always do everything remotely. Could you afford to pay your existing IT staff, wages, a mileage allowance and accommodation costs to travel up to the North West of England just for a simple PC install?

The fact that Froya are based in the North West means that you can save cash and time by not sending one of your own IT staff all the way up to the North West for a job that can’t be done remotely.

Never have the worry of an unmanned IT department at 3am

If you have a 24 hour a day operation, it is not always possible to have a 24 hour a day IT support department. If there is a problem with your server at 3am on a Sunday morning and you are unable to call on your IT staff, could this have a major effect on your business?

The fact that Froya are able to offer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week IT support means that you will dramatically reduce cash losses resulting from inoperative IT systems.

Your IT problems are solved faster

Even the best internal IT staff only have a finite amount of experience,  knowledge and time. If there was a problem with your IT that required a massive amount of diagnostics in order to find the right solution, could you afford to wait while the problem was fixed?

The fact that Froya are made up of a team of staff who have spent their whole lives working with IT means that one phone call gives you access to decades of combined IT knowledge.

Your IT Staff can concentrate on improving your IT systems, not firefighting

The most efficient use of your IT staff’s time is looking at your overall IT systems and finding ways of making them more efficient and cost effective, not being called out to perform basic fixes. If your IT staff are planning an upgrade on your IT systems that will dramatically improve business productivity, what effect would it have on their project if they had to break off in order to answer basic IT support calls?

Froya can offer an experienced and reliable IT help desk service meaning that your IT staff can use their time and expertise to focus on improving your IT systems rather than firefighting minor issues.

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