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Froya understand that reliable IT systems are key to the day to day running of businesses. We can help you set up your IT infrastructure to suit your business needs, and make it work for you. By reducing the risk of outages and data loss, we enable you to dedicate more time to ensuring your business is doing what it is intended to do - make money.

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Froya recognises that getting a new business off the ground can be difficult, especially during these recessionary times when initial set-up costs can be high, and finance not as freely available as it once was. Ensuring you have the right IT systems and controls in place to support your business plans is a key element and building block for a successful business.

To help start-ups achieve their business goals by putting the right IT systems in place early on, we are offering a free initial consultation, free software installation and half-price maintenance for 12 months. Under our maintenance contract we commit to keeping your IT running...


One of the biggest reported frustrations with office IT systems is computers that are running slowly. A slow PC can turn a job like booting up and checking your emails into a long drawn out process.

There are a number of steps you can take in order to speed up your office PC. The effectiveness of these tips depends on your hardware and operating system. There is only one definitive answer which is guaranteed to get results and that is upgrade to a new PC.

We have rated each step with a difficulty rating, one star means that it is a job that anyone can do whereas for three stars, we believe that you are best contacting us before you try it.

* = Easy.   ** =...

Save money and the environment with these thrifty printing hints and tips:

The quest for a paperless office has progressed significantly over the last decade with the availability of bigger, cheaper computer displays and mobile document devices such as tablet PC’s and iPads. But when it comes to reading vast documents, such as user manuals, when ensuring complete privacy and portability there is currently no perfect substitute for the  touch and feel of the ‘real thing’.

In these situations, we find ourselves printing documents onto seemingly endless reams of pure white A4 and cringing at the costs of toner, paper and all of the poor trees that...

One of the Europe’s leading suppliers of manual and automated garage doors to the trade.


Following a recommendation, Novoferm approached Froya in 2004 with a failing network.

The implementation and subsequent maintenance of new servers and facilities such as remote access has enabled their business to focus on growth and productivity without the interruption of system outages.

“Froya changed our network from being a continual source of problems, delays and unnecessary expenditure into a reliable trouble-free business tool. It’s very easy to forget how bad it...