Wireless Leased Line Internet Access

Guaranteed Speed Leased Line Internet Delivered Wirelessly Into Your Office

Wireless leased line internet is designed for companies who depend on having a fully functional guaranteed speed broadband connection. If your business can’t afford to trust broadband suppliers that are forced to rely on third party owned, decaying copper cables then a wireless leased line from Froya is the solution.

What is Leased Line Internet?

Wireless leased line internet is your own dedicated wireless Internet line that guarantees that the connection speed you pay for, is the speed you get. It removes all reliance on unreliable cables and the third parties that manage them like BT who can take an age to respond to a problem.

Massive amounts of data can be transferred quickly with speeds ranging from 1Mbps up to an astonishing 200Mbps and the ultra reliable connection level of 99.5%. The ever growing network covers Greater Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Birmingham and Dublin with plans to increase coverage massively over the next 6 months.

Who Trusts Wireless Leased Lines Available From Froya?

Greater Manchester Police trust ultra-reliable wireless leased lines to carry massive amounts of data from their Automatic Number Plate Recognition cameras. Guaranteed speed of data transfer and 99.5% reliability are also the primary reasons why Manchester, Trafford and Tameside councils use wireless leased lines to transfer high definition CCTV images back to their control rooms.

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With Wireless Leased Line Internet from Froya, you will benefit from:

Guaranteed Speed:

The Speed of a wireless leased line isn’t affected by decaying copper cables or distance from the local telephone exchange. A dedicated wireless leased line from Froya means that your connection speed is guaranteed to be the one you asked for, unaffected by outside factors or other users.

Guaranteed Reliability:

A wireless leased line from Froya means ultimate reliability with a 99.5% service level agreement. Cable technology will always be affected by outside factors such as utilities contractors damaging cables. The safety that is provided by wireless leased lines means that they can be relied upon for tasks like high volume data back up and disaster recovery.

Increased Value:

A wireless leased line represents a significant cost saving on a dedicated cable based leased line. Wireless technology means that no cables have to be layed which leads to massively reduced installation costs. This is part of the reason why 4 major councils in the North West trust wireless leased lines to do vital tasks like streaming CCTV images. Wireless leased lines also help to deliver value by offering a service with no usage limitation. This represents a significant advantage over older cable based leased lines.

More Convenience:

A wireless leased line from Froya is backed up by a dedicated 24/7 help desk in the event of any problems. Unlike many other leased line providers, the fact that we have our own dedicated team of engineers means we never have to rely on other service companies like BT. This results in the convenience of 5 day installation times and instant contact in the event of a problem. Wireless leased lines are also able to offer users the added convenience of  being able to migrate between data speeds at short notice, which means that our service can grow with your company.