The Top Free Software Downloads

It’s not always necessary to buy a piece of software for every task you undertake on your computer. The advent of open source software, increased download speeds and the innovation race amongst developers has meant that there are some excellent free software tools available:

Audio & Digital

1 ) Audacity 1.2
Allows you to record anything you play on your computer and edit it in a variety of ways, ideal for making podcasts or mixing music.

2 ) Jing
Jing allows you to record anything you see on your computer screen and save it as an image or splice it together into a video clip. Ideal for presentations and for demonstrating processes.

3 ) MP3 Skype Recorder 1.9.0
Allows you to record Skype calls to MP3 format. Unlike some free recorders there are no time limits or file size limits, plus you can also record outbound Skype calls.

4 ) Windows Live Movie Maker
This video editing software from Microsoft is intuitive and efficient. This does not come installed with windows Vista or Windows 7 so you have to download it separately.


5 ) Adobe ConnectNow
This allows up to 2 users to share screens, have text chats, use whiteboard applications, and conduct webcam video conference. The free version lets you create up to five PDF files and there is a limit on the size of files. If this is something you do regularly then you can upgrade to a paid for version for more users and features.

6 )
Web based software that allows you to create brainstorming and flow charts. You then save, print or send the files. Easy to use and easy to make a simple chart look good.

7 ) Dimdim 5.5
This allows you to hold online conferences for up to 20 people who are in multiple locations. There is no software installations required to use it, just login and its ready to use.

8 ) Google Reader
The best RSS reader by far. This allows you to subscribe to feeds so you never miss a post from your favourite blog. The information is delivered in a simple format that allows for easy sharing with contacts.

This is widely regarded as the daddy of blogging software. WordPress is easy to use for beginners and flexible enough to allow advanced users to make the most of its capacity. You can use it for blogs, websites, mini-sites with a wide help network available if you go wrong.

Documents & Pictures

10 ) Adobe Reader 9
The benchmark of PDF readers, adobe are constantly updating their Portable Document Format and the associated reader. A must have tool.

11 ) Dropbox
Install Drop box on your computer, select what users you want to share files with, and then any files you place in the folder appear on all systems. Free for up to 2GB of data synched, and also compatible with the iphone.

12 ) Gimp
This free image manipulation program takes a little while to get used to. However, with perseverance, this tool has all the functionality to take on photoshop-esque rivals.

13 ) GreenPrint World
This provides a function that connects to your windows print utility in order to stop you printing out wasted “ghost” pages and useless information which saves you paper and ink.

14 ) Ooo Writer
Open office provides a suite of office applications that provide a viable alternative to Microsoft Word. This “Word” style application is compatible with most other word processing formats and shares the same intuitive layout and functionality.

15 ) Primo PDF
This allows you to convert any document into a PDF file that you can print, save or send. Simple to download and simple to use. See also