Green PC's

Want to Save 93% on Your IT Energy Bill?

Replacing 10 ordinary desktops with Green PC’s can save a typical business £1600 per year.

Information Technology accounts for over 40% of a business’ energy bill. You can slash this amount without compromising on computer performance by switching to Green PC’s:

What are Green PC’s?

Green PC’s are compact, ultra energy efficient computers that perform as well as the average desk top.  Green PC’s slash IT energy bills by up to 93%, contribute significantly to reducing your company’s carbon footprint and can be funded by a 0% interest loan from the government.

Very PC

Broadleaf BL32-H-E53

5 Year Warranty



Why Would The Government Pay for a Green PC?

The Carbon Trust are offering businesses low interest loans to help organisations finance and invest in energy saving projects such as Green PC’s. The loan is structured such that monthly repayments are offset by the energy cost savings made – thus enabling these desktops to be acquired for almost zero cost! Find out if you are eligible by contacting us now.

The Benefits of switching to a Green PC are:

Cost Benefits:

Independent studies have shown that every 10 PC’s that you change to Green PC’s represent a cash saving of £1600 per year in IT energy bills. This is why the government are so keen to grant interest free loans to companies like yours, to replace their old IT systems. Once a Green PC is installed there is even further energy saving via special pre-installed energy saver software. Green PC’s are able to deliver real cost savings to businesses, backed up by the security of a 5 year warranty.

Environmental Benefits:

Green PC’s are capable of making a massive contribution to your company’s environmental policy by lowering your carbon footprint. As well as being environmentally friendly, your environmental policy could even win you more business. A growing number of companies value green credentials from their suppliers and trade partners.

Other Benefits:

  • Less fan noise with near silent operation.
  • The knowledge you are buying from a British company.
  • More office space as Green PC’s are significantly smaller.
  • The convenience of all Green PC’s being compatible with your current monitors.
  • The knowledge that Green PC’s conform to all European and US Public Procurement Standards.
  • A more comfortable office with less heat produced than standard PC’s.
  • Less hassle as Green PC’s work with XP or windows 7.
  • The safety of knowing Green PC’s are trusted by large institutions like The University of Sheffield.